Sunday, March 2, 2008


Not exactly 'retro' as SistaC's pics, but a very kool pic in Orlando that I had to take, heading home from my journey. For some reason, at this time- I didnt want to go home! Just a Beautiful ride today in Florida!

One for the books! It looked pretty 'retro' until you click to enlarge..only to find the Delta 737-800 flying west :)
I just love neon lights.


Caroline said...

DT...That is a super cool sign!! I love it..great shot! I'm glad your trip went smooooth! It's making me wanna do a road trip:))

I'm looking forward to more pics, bro!

Love ya!

Sista C:)

DT said...

Thanks Sis, for those photographers looking for a subject matter to shoot, MAN, its on the ROAD!