Monday, April 30, 2007

It Aint Our Fault if Your Out of Salt

Just might be the jingle to some Salt Company, but its not the case running westbound I-80 on the outskirts of Saltlake City, Utah. Thats not snow, thats the Salt Bed in SAltLakeCity. Is so bright its hard to see driving down this part of freeway! My father sent the pic running 18 hard, to get back home and to see the family for a few days.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007



Interesting place to catch up with my dad, running a refer full of cakes from a Krogers distribution center in Dallas via Nevada. With a NEW truck, and new drops, what other place would fit the spot to run WIDE OPEN with POP then Los Lunas, New Mexico. He told me it was a new"07 Liner, WOW- although, he said last week it was an "06 Liner. Maybe a mix up in the number, but not the MILES. Wheres the pics POP, lets showcase the new PAINT. Running wild on the Zipper again, I'm with you- so let them miles roll. You can drop the HAMMER on this one, cause I know your 68 and no more, unless you catch a draft out of Kansas.

New surprises as well, as Im trying to get on board via GPS Navagation. This is what Im working on. Forget about BIG BROTHER, now the SON as an eye in the sky!

Thats right, HES BACK! POP couldnt let go of what he loves so much, or maybe what I love so much. Rolling 18 America!


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Alligator on the Zipper- DVD

Finally : ) ........... waiting , waiting, and more waiting- its here. The DVD has arrived! Reviews, post and after movie thoughts... just hours away! First comments, straightout of the box- AWESOME!


Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Help STOP the NAFTA Superfreeway. (the connection- creating the North American Union)

All this building, connecting 3 countries into 1 union- without most America knowing- WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!.. Our first job is to contact our representative and howl, bark- make some serious NOISE. Because if we dont wake up the town, it might be paved over!

Need help getting there, take the "express way" below.